“A.E. Stone has operated Libra systems for over thirty years. In that time, Libra has consistently offered cutting-edge technologies to help us streamline operations and integrate our business processes. Libra's products and technical support are second to none.”

Steven Kurtz
Vice President
AE Stone, Inc.
Egg Harbor Township, NJ,

“Libra has the best customer support of any company that I have done business with over the 30 years I have been in this industry. Always courteous, always competent, and always confident in solving tech issues.”

Steve Miller
Plant Manager
Mt. Hood Asphalt Products
Brightwood, OR,

“Thanks for your help with the aggregate loadout system. It's worth every penny, and it is working beautifully. That's not an easy thing for a skeptic like me to admit. Also, Greg did a fantastic job on the installation and training for us. I think you get an A for responsiveness, effort, and results”

Dan Johnson
Vice President of Operations - Aggregate Division
Anderson Columbia, Inc.
Lake City, FL,

“"We researched the market and chose Libra/ACE-CO. Without question, Libra/ACE-CO offers the best products and support in the industry."”

Jim Morrissey III
Vice President
J.D.M. Materials Co.
Philadelphia, PA,

“Just a note to let you all know that we are very happy with our new Quantum Drum Mix System. All of our tests have indicated that everything is running smoothly. We just wanted you to know how satisfied we were with the new system, and also with the installation and training.”

John Childress
Vice President
Blackrock Contracting, Inc.
Harrisonburg, VA,

“Rochester Asphalt Materials purchased our first Libra control in 1992. Libra was our choice because of their superior weighing accuracy; automatic ticket transfer capabilities; and willingness to meet our exacting requirements. We now have Libra controls on 7 batch plants with 5 of them having RAP proportioning controls, 4 drum mix plants with silo loadout, and the Enterprise Information Server. Through the years, Libra has never let us down or left us hanging with their products or service.”

Thomas K. Johnson
Vice President of Asphalt Operations
Rochester Asphalt Materials, Div. of Oldcastle Materials
Rochester, NY,

“California Commerical Asphalt would like to thank Libra Systems for the prompt installation of the Generation3 systems. We appreicate the extra time Dan Chevez spent on this project. We, also would like to thank Marc Wise for the extra work involved in the communication with the JWS system. Marc handled the connection with no problems and his teaching methods sped up the learning process.”

Rick Fallon
Plant Superintendent
California Commercial Asphalt
Miramar, CA,

“The primary reasons for choosing a company's product are usability and customer service and support. Libra Systems' asphalt loadout and batching systems have proven to be effective solutions for our asphalt plants. Their customer service and support has always been very timely and professional, minimizing any down time we might experience.”

John Farno
IT Manager - Hot Mix Asphalt Plants
The Shelly Company, Div. of Oldcastle Materials
Findlay, OH,

“I'd like to thank you and your staff personally for your prompt response to our request for assistance in applying tax to hauling charges. We understand that you and your staff are very busy. Your service means a lot to our company. Thanks so much for your help.”

Joseph T. Catalano
Business Controller
Stateline Quarries, LTD
Apalachin, NY,

“Thanks for the continued support; it has been a great help to us by getting us running smoothly and efficiently with our new Libra Generation3 load out with remote printer. Thanks again!!”

Mike Leopardo
V.P. & General Manager
Curran Contracting Company
Crystal Lake, IL, USA

“Happy to hear that Libra is still going strong - no surprise to me - great people, expertise, and products.

Libra was instrumental in Graniterock winning the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. As manager of Quality Support at the time, Graniterock wanted to upgrade and standardize our asphalt plants with Batching Control Systems that would allow us to provide the batching accuracy we needed to become the best quality supplier in our market. After our thorough evaluation of products on the market we selected the top two qualifiers and installed their batching control systems in two similar plants.

After a 6 month trial, we selected the best performer which ended up being Libra. Three key factors that influenced our decision were:

1. Batching Accuracy - we utilized Statistical Process Control to monitor batching performance of the two systems. Libra outperformed the competitor's system improving our batching accuracy from a 1.5 to a 6 Sigma Quality (75% yield good to a 99% yield good). This improved our asphalt product quality, and improved our ability to control our production costs.

2. Support - from installation to on-going support, Libra always gave us excellent service and support. The support we received was timely and of the highest quality by qualified technicians.

3. Quality Product - once installed their controls were worry free - they performed as promised and proved to be an excellent investment.

I highly recommend Libra Systems and would be happy to share more details regarding the Libra / Graniterock partnership.”

Dave Franceschi
MBB Continuous Improvement
Granite Construction
Watsonville, CA, USA

“I just wanted to send you a quick note that we've successfully delivered the technical implementation to/from EIS to the clients, and processing of the tickets back into our ERP application. All of the appropriate automations have been implemented with very few, if any, "hitches" in the journey.

From my perspective, the installation and configuration were relatively simple, and that's kudos to the expertise of your people (namely Doug Esquirell whom I've mostly worked with), as well as the good design of your company's software. To add, Doug has been so useful, helpful and a total pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with him in the future. - Nothing like a highly efficient delivery!

On behalf of Suit-Kote Corporation, please give our best regards to the entire Libra Systems team!”

David Nichols
Director of Information Technology
Suit-Kote Corporation
Cortland, NY, USA

“I wanted to let the Libra team know that there is a very happy customer in California. The installation of the new system went off without a hitch. We appreciate all of the efforts to assist us in this emergency situation. We understand that Tom, Smitty and Lee were heavily involved and put in some long hours to make the whole installation look easy. By 10 a.m. Monday morning, Caltrans had re-certified the plant and we were on our way!”

Bruce W. Woolpert
President & CEO
Granite Rock Company
Watsonville, CA,

“I have worked with Libra for over 20 years and find the products to be very reliable, which is augmented by top notch service. The best part, especially in this industry, is the simplicity of the design for it is user friendly and very teachable.”

Tim Bird
Asphalt Operations
Tilcon New Jersey Inc., Div. of Oldcastle Materials
Mount Hope, NJ,

“We have used Libra Systems for several years. The asphalt and batching systems are reliable and user friendly. The change over (to Generation3) was easy and service and support were outstanding.
I would like to thank Jerry, Tom and Greg for all their help during the conversion.”

Jim Watson
Asphalt Operations Manager
Hinkle Contracting Corporation
Paris, KY,

“Libra's products are fast, reliable and user friendly. They build systems to fit our growing needs with room to expand. The need for technical support has been drastically reduced which has maximized our production and reduced our down time. Libra's technical support is courteous, friendly and there when you need them.”

Jerry Fletcher
Asphalt Operations
Tilcon New York Inc., Div. of Oldcastle Materials
West Nyack, NY,

“I just wanted to let you know everything is going well with the new Libra Generation3 system. The conversion went well and service and support has been excellent. We also appreciate you staying in touch with us periodically to make sure everything is going well. Thanks.”

Norman Kruer
MAC Construction & Excavating Inc.
Louisville, KY,

“This letter is to thank Libra Systems for having Tom and Greg in technical support available for questions about our system, even on Saturday. I'm sure it is a thankless job and I want them to know I appreciate their help, knowledge and information. They are a great asset to Lewis Construction Co., Inc.”

Henry D. Lewis III
Lewis Construction Co., Inc.
Dumas, TX,