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Generation3 Asphalt Batching, Silo Loadout, and Truck Scale Ticketing System
Finally... A system that molds to your business. Configurable, up-gradable, multi-tasking automation that seamlessly integrates with your business systems.
Enterprise Information Server
Move Your Production Facilities into your Office! Authorized personnel have real-time access to company-wide data - anytime, anywhere.
PlantWise Drum MIx Control System
Advanced Automation for Asphalt Drum Mix Plants
Camera ID
The Libra Camera ID eliminates the delays/costs of paper signatures and provides proof-of-purchase for quick, full-proof resolution of billing disputes.
Libra Self-Service Kiosks
The Libra Self-Service Kiosks allow material suppliers to increase revenue by handling more truck traffic without increasing the number of operators. The kiosks increase customer satisfaction by reducing in-yard times, and by allowing the extension of site operating hours.
Silo Safety System
Are you at risk for a silo accident? Libra releases Silo Safety System.
Remote Printer Terminals
Libra System's Remote Printer Terminals have many advantages regarding the company, printer, and enclosure.
Central/Local Dispatch
The Libra Dispatch Module helps asphalt and aggregate companies forecast, organize and manage job/truck scheduling to make the most efficient use of resources and thereby improve the bottom line.
DeltaWave Moisture Controls
When the need for moisture control arises, look to the DeltaWave Moisture Recorder. DeltaWave probes are more accurate because of their placement below the gate and the fact that they measure a larger sample and factor in density, conductivity, as well as temperature.
Asphalt High Weight Detectors
Asphaltic Cement weigh hoppers frequently overflow, causing damage to trucks, extensive cleanup, waste of expensive liquid, and serious danger to personnel. The liability your company is exposed to is enormous, particularly, with juries awarding large sums of money in today's lawsuits.