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Generation3 Truck Scale Ticketing System
Finally... A system that molds to your business. Configurable, up-gradable, multi-tasking automation that seamlessly integrates with your business systems.
Enterprise Information Server
Move Your Production Facilities into your Office! Authorized personnel have real-time access to company-wide data anytime, anywhere.
Libra Self-Service Kiosks
The Libra Self-Service Kiosks allow material suppliers to increase revenue by handling more truck traffic without increasing the number of operators. The kiosks increase customer satisfaction by reducing in-yard times, and by allowing the extension of site operating hours.
Remote Printer Terminals
Libra System's Remote Printer Terminals have many advantages regarding the company, printer, and enclosure.
Central/Local Dispatch
The Libra Dispatch Module helps asphalt and aggregate companies forecast, organize and manage job/truck scheduling to make the most efficient use of resources and thereby improve the bottom line.
Camera ID
The Libra Camera ID eliminates the delays/costs of paper signatures and provides proof-of-purchase for quick, full-proof resolution of billing disputes.