Camera ID

Libra's Camera ID
module completely eliminates the delays and other costs of paper signatures. When Camera ID is coupled with a remote printer terminal, post-ticket times are slashed. Multiple video cameras capture detailed images of the truck, such as license and driver's door, as the ticket is generated. Key ticket text is superimposed on the images and the resultant picture is digitally stored along with the transaction. If a billing dispute or other need for proof of receipt arises, a billing clerk can automatically retrieve the picture and e-mail it to the customer.

  • Provides irrefutable evidence that a specific truck received a specific load
  • Eliminates the need to collect and store signed copies of paper tickets
  • Speeds up ticketing and processing of trucks
  • Passive operation; requires absolutely no action by the operator or driver
  • Billing clerk can easily retrieve transaction images and e-mail them to the customer
  • Supports multiple cameras / images for each transaction or process
  • Completely automatic and integrated into Libra's software products
  • Allows management to view live video to serve as a logistics tool or theft deterrent
  • Automatically handles variable truck positions
  • Developed and integrated completely by Libra Systems; no third party involvement


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