Experience the Advantages:
  • One-source solution and support (eliminates finger pointing)
  • Generation3 software configured printer
  • Ticket layout pre-configured by Libra

  • Document presenter holds ticket for driver and retracts it into an internal box if not taken
  • Loop print presenter ensures jam-free operation by eliminating user access to the document while it is printing
  • Best reliability of print head, cutter and presenter (2x to 10x other termal printers)
  • Handles 3" or 4" wide paper and various paper thicknesses
  • Highest-speed printing
  • Exceptional print quality
  Remote Printer Terminal image  
  • Industrial enclosure designed to house printer and paper roll (up to 10" diameter)
  • Heat shield keeps printer cool in direct sun
  • Internal heater keeps printer warm in freezing climate
  • Motion-activated light illuminates when enclosure is opened
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