Libra Adds Web Services to Their Management Tools Product Line

January 5, 2015

Leverage your Libra investment with mobile connectivity!

Web Services is an exciting new interface available for your Libra Generation3 systems, opening the path to critical data sharing from anywhere. Web Alerts and Web Reports are the first applications to use this new interface, providing real-time information to the people who need it - even your customers!

Web Alerts - automatic notifications
Allows authorized users to configure alerts that they receive via SMS or e-mail on their portable devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.), from Generation3 systems. Alert types exist to meet the needs of end-users, salesmen, job foremen, plant superintendents, and general management. The alerts are very easily configured by users and can be filtered to apply only to the customers, jobs, plants, products, etc. of interest. The alert types include those based on shipped loads, shipped tons, received loads, received tons, tons batched to silo, overwesight tickets, and minutes of plant inactivity. Users may configure/subscribe/unsubscribe to alerts from any device with a standard browser.

Web Reports - real-time, drill-down reports
Provides authorized users mobile access to company-wide or filtered reports via web browser. Reports are formatted to fit the screens of mobile devices and allow easy clicking to get more detailed information.

Customer Access - empower your customers
Administrators may grant selected customers ("end-user customers") the right to subscribe to alerts or access reports. Web Services automatically, and securely, limits their information to only that which pertains to their particular jobs. For example, a paving company that purchases material may be granted the ability to get alerts about their jobs. Using web reports, they may check job status or post-job information.

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