Libra Receives Top Product Award

June 9, 2015

The editors of Asphalt Contractor have recognized the Top 30 Products of 2015 that enrich the industry with innovation, productivity and prowess for adding to producer profits. This award affirms the risk and reward of introducing new products to asphalt professionals, including the 10,000 readers of Asphalt Contractor.

Libra is pleased to be receive the "Top Product award for Camera ID. Features of Camera ID highlighted by Asphalt Contractor include:

  • Provides irrefutable proof of purchase for quick resolution of billing disputes
  • Eliminates the need for driver signatures
  • Reduces in-yard times and processing costs
  • Requires absolutely no action by the driver
  • Billing clerk can easily retrieve transaction images and e-mail them to the cusomter
  • Supports multiple cameras/images for each transaction or process
  • Allows management to view live video to serve as a logistics tool or theft deterrent
  • Automatically handles variable truck positions

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