Libra introduces Paperless Ticket Storage and Retrieval

July 27, 2005

Chameleon - Document Imaging for the Asphalt and Aggregate Industries

Are you overwhelmed with all your tickets?

Material Tickets are indispensable, but can be expensive and challenging to organize, handle, collate, store and locate when they are needed.

  • Do you have delays in billing customers, because the time it takes to receive tickets from remote locations and process them, thus slowing your collections and increasing your receivables bad debt?
  • Do you spend time filing these tickets, looking them up for customer inquiries and faxing copies for proof of delivery?
  • Are the trucks at your scales backed up waiting for tickets to print on slow matrix printers?
  • Would you like to decrease the time it takes to bill your customers and resolve customer inquiries like who signed for the ticket? Our customers tell us that they now receive their money quicker and have less bad debts. And, their customers are happier, also.

    Libra has the Solution!

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Chameleon provides a solution to these issues! And, now it is affordable for even a company with one location! Or, it can be used for a customer with 100's of locations. Our smallest customer has one location and our largest customer has 450 locations throughout the U.S.



And, it's Amazingly Simple!

Chameleon makes it easy to scan and read the ticket # using Optical Character Recognition. The ticket # is merged with the information captured by your batch control, silo loadout control, or truck scale ticketing system. This then ties the scanned copy of the ticket with all the indexes or parameters you have entered into your plant automation or scale ticketing system. These "intelligent" tickets are a cost effective and efficient alternative to handling and managing the paper and its related data separately. This allows you to:


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  • Find a specific Ticket (almost instantly)
  • Find a group of Tickets within this months date range for a specific customer (almost instantly)
  • E-mail, fax, or print a Ticket or group of Tickets in seconds
  • Find a group of two year old Tickets just as quickly
  • Find a use for all of the storage space you no longer need



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